KVM: Fix your network problems without huge costs

SureStream transforms the KVM infrastructure by ensuring a pixel-perfect transmission, a latency free video quality and flawless audio, even over imperfect IP networks
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Are networking issues causing you problems on your KVM install?

You’ve bought a system that performed well in perfect network conditions but you’re having problems in your real network?

Unfortunately, this happens much more often than you think. The problem is that Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) interactions needs a certain level of bandwidth and, apart from downgrading your experience, there’s little that KVM suppliers can do if the problem is network related. Typically, users are directed towards upgrading their bandwidth but even this is rarely the magic bullet to fix all issues.

There is a technology that can eliminate this trade-off by enabling KVM systems to reliably operate without latency, across locations, even in the teeth of network issues. APT SureStream transforms the KVM infrastructure by ensuring a smooth and responsive mouse and keyboard experience, pixel-perfect video transmission and flawless audio.

Network performance

The issue outlined

Jitter, latency, and packet loss continue to plague mission-critical apps that leverage IP networks. Network bandwidth on the customer premises and across the Internet backbone is not the issue. The first and last mile of the wide-area network is the Achilles heel that prevents users from receiving the quality of experience (QoE) they expect.

Clearly, these compromises are no longer acceptable in today’s mission- critical real-time applications and use cases. There is a pressing need to eliminate packet loss completely but it’s hardly snuck up on the industry.

Over the years, many techniques have been employed to address the packet loss problem, including: Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Bandwidth Scaling. While basic forms of FEC work well for small amounts of random packet loss, FEC cannot deal with the more common occurrence of burst packet loss (several adjacent packets lost at once). Moreover, any form of FEC will add substantial delay to the content stream.

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