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Say hello to a ground-breaking solution for high performance internet connectivity that solves all your challenges of latency and packet loss.

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Dream of a worry-free,

fast internet connection

with zero packet loss?

antenna telecommunication


Legacy VPN and corporate connectivity is replaced by intelligent first mile SureStream protection – allowing simultaneous access to network(s) but also general internet connectivity for conferencing, web browsing, on-demand applications, and more. 

KVM - Control Room

Keyboard Video Mouse

KVM systems provide users with remote access to many IP devices like servers, production systems, computers and more from remote locations. With SureStream, KVM providers increase the quality of the remote connection without sacrificing the responsiveness of the system.

Video conference


Video conferencing has become vital in daily life to work from anywhere and collaborate with colleagues and customers.
By combining multiple links, SureStream protects your daily meetings and keeps your conversations as perfect as a face-to- face discussion.

Video conference

Public safety video transmission

In an emergency, response time is critical. Police, fire-fighting, search and rescue services depend on fast and reliable audio and video communications. Our resilient mobile network access solution with award-winning SureStream technology is designed to meet the needs of public safety aviation.

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SureStream is a ground-breaking solution that virtually eliminates the packet loss and latency. It has already been proven in thousands of broadcast implementations and is now being extended to optimize the Quality of Experience in a wide new range of mission-critical applications.

A masterwork in redundant streaming
for optimal

PROTECTS against network failures

OPTIMIZES existing bandwidth

ACHIEVES lowest latency

AGNOSTIC media & hardware

SCALABLE for all deployments

A unique always-on redundant streaming technology that virtually eliminates packet loss.

Multiple network links recombination for a guaranteed bandwidth virtual trunk.

Benefit from constant and stable latency that always remains as low as the best available link.

Fully agnostic for content, media, hardware, and path for easy ecosystem integration.

Flexible licensing models for SureStream with predictable costs and deployment flexibilities.

Ultimate redundancy

Ultimate reliability.

SureStream capitalizes on the natural dynamics of IP networks to generate and deliver multiple redundant streams. By routing these multiple streams across divergent network paths, SureStream provides a higher level of confidence in packet delivery. On the receiver end, an advanced resequencing engine produces one perfectly seamless reconstructed IP flow. The “always-on” redundancy provides the ideal solution for highly reliable real-time links over any type of packetized network.

Solving the challenges of multiple markets

Video streaming quality and reliability

Adaptive video encoding systems used in video conferencing applications such as Skype / Zoom / Teams / WhatsApp / Google Meet measure the real-time performance of IP connections between two users and upgrade / downgrade the quality of the video based on the results. SureStream users are rewarded with consistently higher video and audio quality while being protected against IP connections that may drop out from time to time.

Video conferencing surestream
Network performance

First & last mile network access performance

The first and last mile of the wide-area network is the Achilles heel that prevents users from receiving the quality of experience (QoE) they expect. Despite the sophistication and intelligence of modern network infrastructure, the zero-packet-loss experience remains an elusive goal.
A more modern approach is to use SureStream on the first and last mile connections with SureStream recombination deployed at the relay as an interim step. Any packet loss on the first mile is therefore recovered at the relay point before a reconstructed stream is sent down the last mile connection.
SureStream represents a 100x improvement in packet loss performance – A significant return on investment for just two extra internet connections!

Live mission-critical streaming & « surgical » control

Jitter, latency and packet loss continue to plague mission-critical application. For many applications, it is no longer possible to find a compromise between the video quality and control reactivity. During a robotic-assisted surgery, the surgeons must obtain the highest video quality from the robot and the highest responsiveness to successfully operate the patient. SureStream can help eliminate this trade-off. With SureStream the transmission is pixel-perfect; the video quality is latency-free; and the audio is flawless, even over imperfect IP networks, so mission-critical companies no longer need to deploy dedicated network infrastructure to ensure high performance.

video conferencing

Secure & low delay corporate WAN networks

Over the last few years, tech companies have launched a huge network transformation, switching from on-premises network infrastructure to hybrid architecture with cloud & distributed datacentres, to provide their customers and their users the best possible experience.
SureStream provides an alternative to costly and complex corporate network infrastructures. By securing the offices inter-link with SureStream, companies improve the overall quality of experience over the network while reducing the monthly operating costs.

KVM Broadcast

SureStream for KVM

Public Safety drone video transmission

Air-to-ground video linking in <500ms

Telemedicine videconferencing connectivity

More information coming soon.

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Disrupting the Status Quo to Achieve a Zero-Packet-Loss Experience for Mission-Critical Applications

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