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Every compelling story & message deserve perfect content delivery.
That’s why our extensive range of solutions focus on improving and enhancing the audio and video experience to meet the needs of different markets, ranging from broadcasters to radio/tv stations, corporations, public safety, government & regulators, education, and healthcare.

IP Connectivity

IP connectivity - SureStream

SureStream, a groundbreaking streaming solution, achieves virtually zero-packet loss and latency for a broad range of real-time streaming over IP applications. The result? Optimal, reliable QoE!

Network Monitoring & Control

Monitoring NMS

With KYBIO, oversee your entire infrastructure across a centralized, user-friendly monitoring & control platform.  

Next-Gen Interactive Media
For Radio

Mobile application Tagit

Tagit, an app that transforms passive media consumption into an interactive experience.

Interactive Learning
Through Radio & TV

Tagit for interactive radio learning

Tagit is a mobile app solution developed to enhance the learning experience for children who only have access to broadcasted educational programs.

Advanced Radio
Broadcast Solutions

WorldCast Systems Broadcast

Renowned brands APT, Ecreso, and Audemat meet your needs for market-leading radio technology covering the entire broadcast chain.

Low Latency
Video Transmission

Public Safety drone video transmission

Your solution for high quality, lowest latency air-to-ground video streaming between mobile surveillance forces (helicopters, drones), the Control and Command Centers, and the first responders.

Remote Education.
Unesco COVID Initiative

Videoconferencing elearning

Home schooling comes with its challenges – our solutions cater to improve the  connectivity and engagement and help bridge the digital divide for students learning remotely.

Digital Healthcare

Telemedicine videconferencing connectivity

The medical industry is accelerating their digital transformation and adopting modern technologies. See our solutions for ICT infrastructure monitoring and telemedicine connectivity.

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