COVID Education Initiative

WorldCast supports governments and educational systems in rapidly advancing their digital transformation and improving connectivity for their remote educational programs and online schooling.

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WorldCast is a member of the
UNESCO Global Education Coalition.

Tagit for School

A Mobile App For
Radio & Interactivity

An easy-to-use mobile application to transform the radio & TV learning experience from a passive learning moment to one of active engagement. Tagit delivers a more complete and richer learning program by enabling students to interact with their teacher, participate in surveys and take quizzes. The result? More focus, more learning support material, better school performance!


E-Learning Connectivity

SureStream technology, an award-winning broadcast technology, is now available for other applications such as to improve the connection of your IP connection. The result? No more drop-outs, slow connections, frozen screens…Students will be able to connect reliably to their e-learning courses.

Compatible with 100% of the applications on the market

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