Tagit Interactive

A Mobile App For
Radio Interactivity

An easy-to-use, revolutionary mobile application to transform the radio experience for your audience who will now be able to engage with the content you are broadcasting. This opens the door to a number of new opportunities for your business to grow in terms of brand offering for your listeners, advertising, and more. 

Tagit Brings New Value.

For Your Radio. For Your Audience.

Enhance The Experience For
Your Audience

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Tagit is a revolutionary mobile application that enables a dynamic two-way relationship between you and your listeners. Tagit augments the radio experience with a new way to participate in surveys, provide feedback, and access content and promotions.

Improve Your Service With
New Audience Insights

Data insights

Tagit brings radio businesses valuable insights about when, where, and how your listeners are consuming your content. Adjust your content to better meet audience needs and interests, offer them a unique experience, and watch your audiences’ size and loyalty grow.

Grow Your Business With
New Revenue Streams


Tagit drives business growth with new services that improve listener engagement, resulting in growing audience size and loyalty.

Tagit is the proud winner of the BaM Award in the Consume category


Augmented content

Radio hosts or studios can include links to augmented content, offering a cross-channel radio experience to listeners. An emoticon feature is also available for even more engagement.

Launch polls

Enable a wider audience to participate in radio surveys with an easy, hassle-free way to join. 

Provides history of tags

Tagged content can be saved by listeners and shared.

Tagit interactive

Easy content creation & posting

An intuitive dashboard makes it simple for radio hosts or studio personnel to create & post content. Tagit administrators (the animator or studio personnel) have access to an intuitive web dashboard for easy content creation and sharing.

Real-time or recorded audio

Radios have the choice to use Tagit on real-time or recorded audio content, depending on their personnal preference and objectives.

New Engagement Insights

A centralized dashboard enables viewing of live engagement, users’ general location, and other key insights.

A new era of radio
broadcasting is here

We’re very excited about this application that can really drive listeners’ engagement and transform the radio experience!

Christophe Poulain

Co-President, WorldCast Group

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With their phone, listeners can now interact with their favorite Tagit-enabled radio, for free. 

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